The Future of Styling Web Type?

You could quite possibly be looking at it right now — or at least one possible version of it. My God, this truly is the darkest timeline.

Maybe that was a touch grandiose, but this web type stylesheet was styled in-browser and generated by a Type Nugget user and now you're looking at it, which is a start.

Some things almost defy explanation, but by default, this HMTL file is referencing Type Nugget CDN Link — a CSS file hosted on Type Nugget's server. It also came packaged with a copy of this CSS file (the link's commented out by default) so you can check it out, modify it, and add to it. Really go to town on it, in general.

Want to craft your own theme for us to feature?

Type Nugget has always been built with input from the community, and we want to feature what our community is creating. We're making a place for you to browse and modify themes created by other users. If you're interested in this, tell us via this handy contact form and we will check out your theme or tell you more!

The Ongoing Type Nugget Revolution

We've got some big dreams for the Type Nugget tool, but what's coming up next? Our current order of priority for features is:

  1. An account page for saving and loading multiple themes
  2. Ability to set and style for responsive breakpoints
  3. More dev options, like LESS an SASS support

What else are you thinking of?

We're not going to completely let the cat out of the bag, but here are a couple more ways we're looking to improve Type Nugget:

  • Heaps more free and premium webfonts from cool designers
  • An improved font browser with filtering and categories
  • Finer controls and UI improvements
  • Ability to open themes created by others in the editor
  • And some other stuff
This sounds fantastic, but what can I do to make it more fantastic?

My thoughts exactly. What’s great about being in Beta is that it’s the perfect time for you and we’re asking for your ideas to help us make Type Nugget even crispier.

Give it a whirl and send us any thoughts you may have! We’d love to hear your ideas on anything from usability, to new dev features, webfonts, your favourite late-night hot sandwich recipes, etc. We’ll reply, and every good idea that comes our way will earn a place at the end of our very long and exclusive Things to Do to Type Nugget list.

So what's my favourite late-night hot sandwich recipe?

That's like asking me to choose between my children, but I am biased towards leftover curried potato and cheese, or bacon, mushroom, spinach, and fetta. Or a 24 pack of nuggets on a long roll.